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Schuco single doors enhance your home with one of the best brands of doors. Modern lines, functionality, security and reliability come as standard. Perfect for the side or back of your home or within a new front porch.  A Schuco ADS 70 single door offers you the perfect quality brand.

With contemporary square frames, optional hidden hinges, large opening sizes and some of the best weather protection and security features available, Schuco single doors are perfect for occasional or high use doors in your home. 

Best of all, you get a luxury German-engineered door, renowned for its quality, high performance, style and functionality. 

Technology & Design

Premium-grade aluminium profiles feature a deep thermal break, insulating the profile and working with the glass to help lower your energy bills.  The 70mm frame depth makes Schuco doors ideal for replacing your old dated doors or neatly fitting within your new extension. Several chambers in the door profile allow a Schuco door to come at bigger widths and heights than other types of doors. 

All aluminium profiles are slim in design maximising your glass area and improving thermal performance.  All doors come with the option of double or triple glazing up to 52mm thick glass units.  

Schuco doors come with durable powder coated finishes as well as contemporary metallic anodised colours or a different colour inside and out. 

Schuco single doors in black to a new home

Product Details

With a Schuco door, you get one of the best German brands, securing and improving your home with a contemporary glazed door, for the front, side or back of your house. A choice of solid or modern metallic colours blends in with modern as well as older houses.

  • Highly-engineered aluminium system ideal for replacing your old doors. 
  • Suitable for all types of designs with door sizes up to 1.2m wide and up to  3m high.
  • Choose from a softline or square frame appearance all with a minimal 147mm face width. 
  • Available as single doors opening in or out. 
  • Optional hidden door hinges for a cleaner overall appearance. 
  • Standard weathered threshold or optional low threshold for easier access. 

Schuco single doors opening to a terrace


Schuco doors come with a choice of six different door handle styles and options depending on the door design and functionality required. 

We offer a choice of aluminium or brushed stainless steel door handles in black, silver or colour matched to special order. Doors operate with a lever/lever or door pull arrangement. 

Our doors come with all manner of safety glazing, including integral blinds, solar control glass, laminated glass, triple glazing or solid aluminium panels. 

engineered Schuco single doors hinges and hardware

Security & Performance

Schuco single residential doors come tested to the latest performance standards and meet the current Building Regulations for thermal performance. 

  • U-Values down to 1.7 W/(m2K) subject to glass or panel in the door. 
  • Further insulation in the frame profiles having a foam filling.
  • High security adjustable barrel hinges with flush fitting rosettes.
  • Security tested to  European RC3 (WK3) and cycle tested to 500,000 test cycles.
  • Fully sealed for weather resistance with air, wind and water performance to current industry standards.

Product Features


The state-of-the-art locking systems in your new doors come tested to the latest security standards. Schuco doors come with varying security options but all having secure and reliable locking systems.

Depending on the design of your contemporary Schuco door, it comes with a broad range of hardware and frame option. For instance, the door threshold is insulated and forms a tight seal when you close your door. It also protects against draughts and driving rain, keeping your home dry and weather protected.

The construction of your new doors is designed for long service life thanks to a hand-built mechanical construction. Strong corner brackets, cleats and sealants create a strong frame and door joint while also protected against water penetration.

You can even choose to have hidden door hinges in your door, providing an extra barrier of security as well as a sleeker-looking door.


Your cutting-edge Schuco doors come with high specification toughened glass units or optional laminated glass for even better security.

We provide you with secure toughened safety glass, having a soft-coat Low-E coating to reflect heat back in the home and make the most of the sunlight. Warm edge spacer bars to the unit edges provide even more insulation and your unit also has argon gas between the glass.

origin single doors next to matching windows


Every one of our colours, applied by Schuco meet the latest British and European standards for quality and come with a peace of mind paint guarantee. All your new Schuco door needs is an occasional clean with a mild solution to keep it looking like new.

Whatever colour comes with your new Schuco door, we guarantee certified and quality assured colours, with a quality guarantee. Powder-coated, anodised, dual colour or textured finishes all provide a low-maintenance product with only routine cleaning required.

colours available with Dutemänn FD85 Bifolding Doors

Energy Efficiency

Door energy ratings vary depending on the configuration, panel type or glass specification. All our options use glass with a centre pane U-Value of 1.2Wm2K and our solid panels offer an outstanding 0.50 or less U-Value. The heat stays in your home and the cold is kept out. This combination of insulating materials provides a comfortable internal environment and helps lower your heating bills.

Some of the images on our website are indicative images illustrating how products may look. Please contact us for full product details and specifications.

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