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Transformative bifolding doors bring luxury, elegance and create beautiful new rooms. With some of the thinnest bifolds on the market, a bifolding door from FGC Bespoke aluminium lets you enjoy your new room every day of the year.

Aluminium bifolding doors create that sought-after seamless link between the inside and outside of your home. Whether you want to transform an existing room or embark on a new extension, our impressive range of bifolding doors connects your home and your outside space.  Benefit from more light and an inviting living, dining or kitchen space.  Beautiful, functional, secure and weather-resistant bifolding doors. Enjoy better winter nights and extended summer days while always providing an uninterrupted widescreen view of your home or garden every day of the year.

Every one of our luxury bifolding doors guarantees to make your home feel bigger, creating a wonderful focal point.  Insulated aluminium profiles combined with our high-specification glass units save money on your energy bills and help insulate your home better. Enjoy a brighter interior and better views in the winter.  Effortlessly fold back your doors in the summer and enjoy a new-found way to relax, entertain, work or play.  Our doors are bespoke and designed to replace your dated patio door or integrate with the design of your new extension.  Get in touch today to discuss your project.

Create a new space

Three of the UK’s best bifolding door brands meet every design, specification or budget requirement. Every door comes highly-engineered and expertly crafted to order. Choose standard or ultra-slim frames, a near-unlimited choice of colour, glass options, handle designs and door configurations.  Choose fully sliding folding doors or with a single or double traffic door letting you use them every day just like a regular door.

Add a touch of luxury with designer door handles or upgrade the comfort with integral blinds. Or add even more light with larger glass door panels or a full flush threshold.  And there are even matching single or French doors for elsewhere in your home for a coherent look. Whichever door you choose, you get to bring the outside in and add value to your home and exactly the bifolding door you want.

Bigger brighter better living

Choose a bifolding door from us, we guarantee a smooth, stress-free experience, transforming your home.  We guarantee the best brands of bifolding doors combined with our many years’ experience working with homeowners, their builder or architect.  Bifolding doors, home improvements and property transformations is what we do.

Best of all our made-to-order doors means we create personalised bifolding doors exactly right for your home.  Our family business cares about customer service, putting you first, advising, communicating and helping you every step of the way. Get in touch today and start your journey improving your home.

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