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Origin OB-72 Bifolding Doors enhance your home or new extension with one of the best British brands.  Available from two to seven panels with even an open corner option. 

Choose an Origin bifolding door and benefit from the 8-point high-security lock, colour matched and finger-safe door gaskets, slim sigh lines, marine-grade powder coating and even the choice of woodgrain bifolding doors.  

Best of all is the industry-leading 20-year guarantee and matching windows, sliding doors and residential doors. 

Technology & Design

Bespoke bifolding doors work in any size of door opening and come in many different opening options. 

The high-grade aluminium profiles come with sophisticated thermal breaks and a marine-grade powder coated finish. Origin doors also come with some of the finest door hardware on the market.  Quality tested at every stage of their manufacturing, Origin doors are built to last and come with a 20 year manufacturer guarantee. 

Origin doors are attractive, functional and come with a host of high security features such as an 8-point locking system. With finger safe gaskets, high quality components and even woodgrain finishes, no other bifolding door offers high specification with personalisation. 

buying Origin bifolding doors

Product Details

Origin OB-72 Bifolding Doors not only come with the biggest choice of colours, handle options and glass choices but also at faster installation times, helping you complete your building project.  This expertly-crafted folding sliding doors also has other great features. 

  • Traditionally styled with a chamfered internal apperance and overall sight lines at the door mullions of 154mm.
  •  Available from two to seven panels including an open corner option.
  • Ideal for recessing into the floor creating the desirable flush threshold.
  • Choose from colour matched or premium satin stainless steel handles and hinges.
  • Finger safe gaskets between the doors provide a valuable safety feature.
  • Available with matching single or double doors as well as Origin windows and sliding doors.

origin patio doors in a showroom


The enormous choice of customisation options allows you to create a truly personal bifolding door. First of all, the configuration options have doors opening in or out, sliding to the left or right or in two different directions. 

150 different RAL colours come in all manner of grey, black, metallic and bold, vibrant colours.  Also available is a range of woodgrain finishes in Natural Oak, Golden Oak, Mahogany and Walnut. You can also have colour-matched door seals; other doors only come in black.  Choose from black, white, light grey, graphite grey, light oak, bronze, and chestnut brown.

As well as this, choose your door hardware colours, available in black, white stainless steel or colour-matched. Then there is the luxury handle upgrade to satin stainless steel. 

Open corner Origin OB-72 Bifolding Doors

Security & Performance

  • 8-point locking system with six bolts in the frame plus top and bottom shoot bolts. Three different security cylinder options
  • Origin doors come tested to PAS23 and PAS24 security certification and other security standards.
  • Doors meet current Building Regulations for thermal performance with U-Values of 1.5Wm2K with our standard glass specification. 
  • Advanced Q-Lon seals create tight-sealing doors, even having a hurricane rating in the USA.
  • Powder coated or anodised finishes to the latest British and European Standards for quality and durability. 

door lock on Origin double doors

Product Features


The secret behind the renowned smooth-slide action of the OB-72 bifolding door is the highly-engineered door hardware.

A bifolding door needs dedicated bifolding door bottom rollers and top guides. These precision-crafted carriages come with four wheels, high-grade acetal and other engineered components. The end result is a light, quiet and seamless opening, letting you slide and fold the doors with ease. Importantly the quality of the folding hardware is seen and felt as well as admired.

In the open position, magnetic catches can help hold the doors in place while you operate them. And they help keep the doors together when fully folded back.

The Q-Lon gaskets sealing your new bifolding doors do more than keep the weather out. Made from a different material to conventional rubber seals, these are easy to clean, durable and look better. Above all they provide a valuable finger-safe feature, preventing injury to young fingers. And they come colour matched to your doors if you want them to - another exclusive feature available only with Origin doors.


With glass being the primary component of any door, it's important your glass offers you security, safety, comfort and optional convenience.

As standard doors come glazed with double glazed units with toughened safety glass. We use a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill.  This specification results in a strong and energy-efficient glass unit.

Also available is laminated glass for enhanced security and forming part of the security tests. This glass holds together when broken thanks to a layer between each sheet of glass. So in the unlikely event of an intruder breaking the glass, they're unlikely to get through it.

Alitherm casement windows in a special colour


Origin OB-72 bifolding doors come in over 150 different RAL shades to choose from. Therefore there is a colour to match your tastes, property style and location of your doors.
As well as classic white or contemporary grey or black, there are virtually unlimited choices. Another made-to-order feaure when choosing an Origin product.

Even more choice comes from a different colour inside and out. A dual colour option lets you colour match the inside of your doors to your decor and the outside to your property - ideal for older houses.

And with every colour having a matt, gloss or satin option, there is even more choice of colour for you.

The specialist polyester powder is applied to your aluminium doors only by certified and approved applicators. Durable yet smooth to the touch, powder-coated doors look great for years to come with only routine cleaning of the surfaces required to keep them looking like new.

And if your property is in a coastal or exposed location, we offer enhanced protection with special paint guarantees, subject to individual application.

colours available with Dutemänn FD85 Bifolding Doors

Energy Efficiency

Origin bifolding doors come designed for the UK market and therefore meet current Building Regulations for energy efficiency.

As well as looking good, modern doors and windows need to be energy efficient. The thermally insulated frames, high specification glass and overall product design means a cooler home in the summer, warmer in the winter and helping lower your energy bills. Origin OB-72 bifolding doors exceed British Building Regulation requirements for energy efficiency, with a U-value of 1.3wm2K using top specification glass or 1.6 a more standard sealed unit.

As well as this, the seals, and technology in an Origin door ensure weather-resistance with energy efficiency letting you make more of your living spaces every day of the year.

Some of the images on our website are indicative images illustrating how products may look. Please contact us for full product details and specifications.

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