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Our art-deco style, slimline steel replacement sliding doors are perfect for adding the on-trend steel-look in your home. More affordable than steel, yet secure, insulated and built to last. Perfect for modern houses as well as traditional properties. 

High performance steel replacement sliding doors replace your dated patio doors or add style and elegance to your new extension. Ultra-slim frames combine with artisan glazing bars giving a multiple panel look or industrial styled door. Choose these doors in popular black or any other colour too.  They also come with matching windows or French doors. 

Technology & Design

Our steel replacement sliding doors use slimline exterior sliding doors, customised for the best aesthetics and appearance. The thin aluminium frames and sliding sashes combine with aluminium glazing bars applied to specially designed glass units. 

Two types of sliding doors come in the steel-look style.  The ultra-slim structurally bonded sliding door or the standard slim interlock model.  Both offer impressive appearance, that desirable contemporary or art-deco style and superior performance with high strenght. 

Thermally insulated aluminium profiles combine with high specification glass units for impressive thermal performance and a comfortable room all year round.  Our doors offer discreet components for a cleaner look with one of the best-engineered sliding mechanisms for a quiet and light sliding action. Even the largest door panels are effortless to slide open and shut. 

The design of your new steel replacement sliding doors allows these to be used either as a replacement for old sliding doors or incorporated within a new extension.  The frame and sashes can also completely recess into the structure giving a near frameless appearance. 

steel replacement sliding doors in a dark grey colour

Product Details

Elegant sliding doors offer a traditional alternative to steel systems as well as a contemporary industrial appearance.  Perfect for replacing your old dated patio doors or to add the latest glazing trend to your new extension. 

  • Slimline steel look sliding doors with a 29mm or 44mm mullion.
  • A choice of glazing bars creating a discreet or bolder multi-panel look.
  • Door panels up to 3m high with our structural system for large glazed areas.
  • Choose from two, three or four panel doors with up to three tracks.
  • Comes with the option of a glass-to-glass or fully open corner.
  • For new extensions offers the option to slide into a wall pocket.

modern house with steel replacement sliding doors


Choose from a range of patio door handles to match your taste, contrasting or colour matching the powder coated frames. 

The glazing bars provided to the doors come in several different sizes designed to offer an authentic steel-look appearance to large and small door sizes.  These securely attach to the safety glass units available in a highly insulated specification or enhanced for added security, thermal performance, privacy and shade. 

Then choose from desirable black or dark grey colours popular with this style of art-deco door or any of 150 different colours. 

slimline sliding doors

Security & Performance

Doors come with multi-point locks, with secure keeps and high security door cylinder. Tested to the latest European and British Standards for weather performance with an excellent rating for air, wind and water penetration to keep your home protected. Powder coated or anodised finishes to the latest British and European Standards for quality and durability.

low track threshold on steel replacement sliding doors

Product Features


Your new expertly-crafted and professionally fitted doors come with excellent engineering and intelligetnt design. Every aspect of your doors ensures you enjoy a smooth and quiet slide action with the security and safety you want.

Hidden roller carriages come with a self-levelling system ensuring the door always slides perfectly along its track. The locks offer enhanced security to protect your possessions. The door handles come from high-grade stainless steel.

Enjoy peace of mind and elegant sliding doors in the style of classic metal doors.


Enhancing the safety and appearance of your internal screens is our toughened safety glass having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating with warm-edge spacer bars. Argon gas between the panes adds to the thermal performance. Professionally applied glazing bars neatly cut and securely positioned on the glass create an authentic modern or heritage appearance.

This quality glass construction provides an authentic steel-style screen for the inside of your home.


Your sophisticated steel-look patio doors come with a durable and professionally applied powder-coated finish, using global powder manufacturers and sophisticated coating technology.

Black and grey remain the most popular colours for when choosing a steel look screen. Whichever colour you choose, you get the same high standards, quality paint warranty and a low-maintenance product that's easy to keep clean and keep looking new.

colours available with Dutemänn FD85 Bifolding Doors

Energy Efficiency

Low-emissivity glass having a Low-E coating reflects heat back into the room. This glass comes as standard in this slimline door with toughened glass units. Unlike other doors, the glass has a special silicone seal, bonding it structurally to the frame. As a result, safety, security and energy efficiency is excellent.

These doors surpass current Building Regulations with an impressive 1.4Wm2K U-Value. Therefore, you get to enjoy highly insulated doors and a room in your home to enjoy every day of the year.

panoramic window with Schuco ASE60 sliding door

Some of the images on our website are indicative images illustrating how products may look. Please contact us for full product details and specifications.

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