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The latest Origin OS-77 sliding door improves your home with a modern take on the traditional sliding patio door but with all the latest technology, security and weather performance.

Suitable for spaces large or small, to replace your old patio doors as well as enhance your new extension.  Origin OS-77 sliding patio doors come with modern sightlines, beautiful functional handles as well as a huge choice of colours.  The perfect door for anywhere in your home.  Maximise your view and flood your home with light. Every Origin door comes meticulously crafted, British made and built to last. 

Technology & Design

A new patio door on the market from the best British brand.  The Origin OS-77 sliding door comes expertly crafted, featuring high-grade aluminium insulated profiles with a marine-grade powder-coated finish. 

The precision craftsmanship not only results in a contemporary, durable and highly secure patio door but also one with a 20-year guarantee on the frames.  An ingenious high security locking system combined with designer stainless steel handles secures your home for your peace of mind.

The Origin OS-77 is perfect to replace your old patio doors while offering all the benefits of 21st-century technology, weather performance and reliability.  Even better is the top-of-the-range rollers and hardware making this door light, quiet and effortless in use.  Also available is a slimmer version of this beautiful sliding door with the Origin OS-44 model.

Origin OS-77 sliding door with matching Origin windows

Product Details

Contemporary in appearance and suitable for patio areas, balconies, a new porch as well as an internal room divider.  Made-to-order sliding patio doors guarantee to improve your with the modern take on the traditional sliding door. 

  • Flexible door sizes from as small as 1.8m wide, right up to 6.6m wide. 

Slim 77mm interlock to maximise the glass size and light transmission.

  • Choose from two or three panels with double or triple tracks.
  • Comes with beautiful designer door handles in marine grade 316L stainless steel.
  • Choose from two or three panels with a choice of fixed or all panels sliding. 

inside view of Origin OS-77 sliding door


With standard colours of white, black and a choice of grey’s our doors guarantee to work with any traditional or modern home.  Also available are 150 other colours to add a bold or subtle colour to your new patio doors. 

Your glass options also offer options for security, safety, privacy, shade or comfort.  Choose to upgrade your glass to laminated glass for even greater protection. Or why not choose acoustic glass for houses near busy main roads or town centres? Then there is a choice of solar control or reflective glass as well as the latest integral glass blinds for privacy and interior comfort.  There is even the choice of triple glazing for the best in insulation. 

Origin OS-77 doors come with either a 500mm designer bar handle or a 300mm integrated pull-handle with built-in thumb turn and key cylinder.  Both come from one of the UK’s best manufacturers of hardware, designed to last in premium-grade satin stainless steel. 


Security & Performance

The Origin OS-77 sliding door meets current Building Regulations for thermal performance, with U-Values as low as 1.8 W.K for double glazed doors or 1.2 Wm2K for our triple glazed product. 

Every door comes fully sealed with EPDM gaskets and brush pile sealing the door shut and protecting your home from the winter weather, with excellent air, wind and water penetration properties. 

Multi-point locks as standard providing excellent security and doors come tested to the rigorous security standards of PAS 24:2016 too. The door cylinders are secure, resistant to picking, bumping, snapping or drilling. 

Internal security beads secure the glass meaning your doors have an extra layer of security.  

luxury Origin OS-77 sliding door metal handle

Product Features


High quality components, engineering and clever design make the OS-77 smooth sliding, reliable and secure. The door corners use durable cleats giving modern square corners to the door panels and mitred corners to the frame. These use strong brackets and create a fully sealed joint.

The premium-grade door rollers sit concealed under the door, making opening and closing the doors light and smooth as well as quiet. Two different door handle choices operate the advanced multi-point door lock and high security cylinder. Overall, the entire product is designed, made and fitted to provide you and your family with a safe, secure and reliable product for many years to come.

Origin OS-77 sliding door track


The toughened glass units in your doors provide excellent clarity with safety, security and energy saving properties. Standard glazing comprises toughened safety glass, having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill.

Using the same quality construction, you can upgrade the glass to meet your precise needs. For enhanced privacy, consider integral glass blinds. Doors on south-facing elevations may benefit from solar control glazing. City centre houses benefit with acoustic glass.

bungalow with Origin OS-44 sliding door at the back


Origin sliding doors come with luxurious powder-coated finishes, professionally applied by certified and approved applicators.

We offer a range of standard colours on faster installation times with the full RAL colour range of slightly longer, made-to-order lead times. Popular colours include Grey 7016M, Black 9005M, Lighter Grey 7015M and White 9910G. The colours come in matt finishes with made-to-order gloss or satin shades and come with a full warranty.

You benefit from a luxury and low-maintenance sliding door with only routine cleaning is required. A simple mild soapy solution keeps your new sliding doors looking good for years.

colours available with Dutemänn FD85 Bifolding Doors

Energy Efficiency

Latest generation polyamide thermal breaks separate the aluminium profiles, creating a thermal bridge. As a result, cold transfer to the inside is minimal. The insulated glass units work with the thermally insulated frames to prevent heat escaping and maximising solar gain. So whether you choose the slimline OS-44 or the classic Origin OS-77, you get the same great thermal performance. Doors have a U-Value down to 1.2 for triple glazing and 1.8 for double glazing. An ideal product to offer style, security and energy saving in your home. They exceed the requirements of current Building Regulations too.

Therefore, the Origin OS-77 sliding door helps save money on your energy bills whether they replace your old doors or in a newly-built extension.

Some of the images on our website are indicative images illustrating how products may look. Please contact us for full product details and specifications.

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