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When it comes to buying Origin bifolding doors there are two products available. The OB72 and the OB49. In this article, we help you understand the differences between these two exemplary bifolding doors to help you choose the best bifolding doors for your home.

Introduction to buying Origin bifolding doors

First of all, it’s worth explaining why, when buying Origin bifolding doors, you’re getting one of the best British brands in your home. As well as this, you’re benefiting from genuinely desirable bifolding doors with a host of features you probably won’t find on other premium brands.

One of these is the manufacturing quality. Origin products come manufactured with the best in build quality, overall fit and finish. As a result, you’re getting a product only made by the company behind it – a unique feature in itself.

Another is the long manufacturing guarantees pioneered by Origin and giving you the homeowner genuine peace of mine. Few products on the market exceeded the standard 10 year warranty you see across the glazing sector.

Also important when deciding whether to buy an Origin product are the customisation options. In short, no other bifolding door product on the market comes with the personalisation of an Origin bifold. We give more information on this later.

Finally are lead times. If your aperture is ready for the doors or when you need to get your project moving faster. There’s no high-end bifolding door brand available as fast.

buying Origin bifolding doors

Differences between Origin OB-72 and OB-49 bifolding doors.

Buying Origin bifolding doors gives you a choice of two models. The OB-72 and the OB-49. The significant differences between these two products are just three. Sightlines, configuration and overall sizes.

FeatureOrigin OB72Origin OB49
Mullion Sightline154mm110mm
Maximum panel size3000mm high2500mm high
Open corner optionYesNo
Lower threshold optionYesYes
Colour matched gasketsYes Yes
Woodgrain Aluminium YesYes
Best U Values1.3Wm2K1.2Wm2K

Therefore, if you’re looking for the largest bifolding door panel sizes or an open corner design, the Origin OB72 is suitable. When looking for the thinnest profiles and maximum glass sizes, it’s the OB-49

For the hardware, the OB-72 comes with the most options including the upgrade to the luxury Hafi handles in colours or satin stainless steel. The OB-49 comes as standard with the Hafi Handle.

buying origin bifolding doors

Buying Origin bifolding doors in the steel-look

With steel-inspired products at the top of most people’s list for their glazing, what’s available with Origin bifolding doors?

The image above shows the Origin OB-49 customised in a steel-look bifold, in a black powder-coated finish and matching black hardware. As a result, it’s a perfect solution if you’re looking for steel-styled folding sliding doors. It’s also one of the thinnest on the market, therefore making it even more authentic.

Matching single and French doors

What many people needing French doors or single doors for the home don’t realise is you can use bifolding doors!

Both Origin OB-72 and OB-49 bifolding doors come as a double door arrangement giving you matching aluminium profiles, the same handles and colour-matched gaskets.

It’s a great solution to regular aluminium French doors. Even better, bifolding doors come designed for larger panels sizes. So this brand gives you wider and taller door leaves than regular French doors.

Of course, as a single door it’s the same and Origin even has a gorgeous front door solution for the front of your home.

Personalising your Origin bifolding doors

Above all, the best thing when buying Origin bifolding doors is the sheer choice of colours, colour matching and surface finishes.

For the hardware, Origin products are unique in letting you colour match hinges and even the bifolding door rollers. It’s perfect when you want a more seamless look to your door set.

For the handles, it’s the same. Great choices in contrasting or colour matched handles, intermediate handles and the exterior magnets.

Of course, grey, black and contemporary colours are all desirable today. Both products come in over 150 different colour options. There’s the choice of a different colour inside and out, or even the latest technology in woodgrain colours. Perfect for Kent homes with traditional timber windows and needed a modern bifolding door solution to match.

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