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The steel-replacement and steel-look windows are very on-trend with homeowners giving an Art-Deco, Heritage or Contemporary look in the home. Steel windows and doors such as Crittall® remain the authentic product but with at a high price for many home improvement projects.

With steel-look aluminium windows, there are some excellent solutions designed to replicate the look of original metal windows at substantially less cost than steel. We’ve put together a useful guide on buying steel-replacement windows and doors to help you understand the aluminium products better.

Information about buying steel-replacement windows.

The important thing to remember when buying steel-replacement windows in aluminium, is these are similar to steel windows but not an exact match. Only an authentic steel window will give you the exact look. However in aluminium the current range of products do offer some of the recognisable features found in original metal windows and what make them so desirable in the home.

  • Horizontal or vertical glazing bars giving the multiple panel look
  • Consistent slim sightlines throughout
  • Modern or period window handles and accessories
  • Slim sightlines, putty-line looks or other aesthetics found in old metal windows
  • The popular black colour

With the iconic steel look being so popular, it’s crucial you choose your supplier carefully. Some steel-replacement windows and doors are designed from the outset to achieve the steel look. Other products are standard windows and doors customised to mimic steel. Therefore, it helps to know a little about the background of popular steel-replacement systems so you can made a more informed buying decision.

buying steel-replacement windows

Windows in the steel-look

Steel replacement windows and doors come in several different types. Windows, single and double doors, fixed screens and internal screens have a purpose-designed system. FGC Bespoke Aluminium uses the Smart Systems Heritage product, widely regarded as one of the best and most authentic looking aluminium steel-look windows and doors.

The benefit of choosing a purpose designed system is getting the correct look in your home. For instance, Smart Systems have the Alitherm Heritage product and also an alternative designed to replicate the Crittall® W20 product.

Lesser brands take a standard replacement aluminium window product and put glazing bars on it for the multiple panel and this is where the similarity ends. Therefore, when buying steel-look windows and doors, always check whether your windows is just a customised product or one designed specifically to replicate old metal windows in more detail.

A well-designed steel-look window comes with the stepped edge to the vent, a flat vent or a putty line detail. You can get windows with hidden hinges or visible traditional hinges. The glazing bars will be applied to the face of the glass not sat within it and some bars even have the vertical bar pressed over the horizontal.

A well-designed steel-look aluminium window will also come with options for the handles, replicating the traditional types. Options include monkey tail handles, pear-drop designs and matching peg stays. Colours are broad ranging but also include traditional finishes such as antique black, pewter, brass-type finishes and other options.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a more basic customised window if the look and price of the product meet your requirements.

Interior steel-look windows and screens

An interior steel-replacement window or ‘New York’ style screen adds a great focal point in your home as well as letting in natural daylight between your rooms.

While there are dedicated interior screening systems you can achieve a great look using the same slimline window for the outside of your home. There is little difference between these windows when designed with fixed glazing and both come with the same frame and glazing beads, authentic features and slimline glazing bars.

Alternatively we offer a frameless interior version that’s even more contemporary thanks to it’s minimalist glass edges. There’s even an opening door option available.

buying steel-replacement windows

Buying steel-replacement windows from FGC Bespoke Aluminium

Our steel look and steel-replacement windows provide a gorgeous modern look in your home with all the security, energy efficiency and quality of modern aluminium. Best of all, they’re a fraction of the cost of a genuine steel window. There’s even matching steel-look patio doors to match

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