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When planning a new extension, understanding sliding patio door sizes is essential. Not only is it about getting the right size and configuration, but also living with the doors every day of the year. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about door sizes for existing openings as well as your newly built extension.

information about sliding patio door sizes

Giving your home the best sliding patio doors at the right sizes

First of all, it’s useful to explain the benefits sliding doors have over bifolding doors. No other door comes with glass panels as large as a slider. Bigger glass sizes, better views, more light and fewer vertical mullions. These are just some of the benefits. Another is how sliding doors fill the room with natural daylight. These types of doors are truly transformational. Whether you choose our Origin sliding door products or our contemporary sliding door by Dutemann, both promise you the same large panels and light filling capabilities.

When choosing the right sliding patio door sizes, they’ll differ depending on whether it’s a new extension or an existing opening.

For instance, replacing your dated patio doors limits your choices to the door aperture you already have. The good news is that new doors are slimmer and neater looking than older products. As a result you still benefit from a fresh new look. For existing openings, it’s worth considering a two panel door. These come at sizes up to 3m wide per panel. Therefore you’ll get a modern design and a more minimal look than any older set of sliding or French doors.

Even better is if you’re replacing PVCu doors. With aluminium always substantially thinner than any plastic door product, the transformation is instant.

So even though your structural opening determines your patio door sizes, with a modern slider, two or three panels works well in most existing openings.

For older aluminium doors, many of these come fitted in a hardwood subframe. The good news here is that new aluminium sliding doors come with a direct fix frame. As a result, you can remove the hardwood subframe and benefit from a modern door fixing directly to the structure easily.

Sliding doors for new extensions.

You’ve got much more choices when it comes to sliding patio door sizes for new extensions and a great range of products to choose too. Whilst bifolding doors also well in new extensions, sliding doors give you that glass wall feel and especially when closed.

For new openings the Origin OS-20 slimline slider is perfect as a minimal sliding door. And you could choose to recess the frame, giving your extension and doorway a near-frameless appearance.

As well as this, you get more flexibility in sliding door sizes and desing. One excellent example is an open corner desing. A sliding door on each elevation and meeting in the corner. Your builder designs the ceiling in a cantilevered or similar design meaning no structural corner.

This design is truly transformation with a fully open double aspect. There’s nothing better.

Then are further choices, such as pocket sliding doors disappearing into the wall pocket. And with a new extension you get the choice of increasing the height too. With many of our doors capable of up to 3metres in height. Imagine these imposing glass doors and the wow-factor.

It’s a good idea to speak to a professional installer like us and let us liaise with you and your builder or architect. Here we can discuss with you how many tracks you may want, the number of sliding panels, level thresholds and much more.

Talking to you is an excellent opportunity to explain the various opening configurations and sliding door methods. Another example here is the difference between an inline or a lift and slide door and which one is best for you.

One very desirable feature around new sliding doors is the low, flat or recessed threshold. These are all possible with a new extension but there are considerations for effective drainage of rainwater. Again it’s a great opportunity for you to work with us and your builder for the best end result.

inline vs lift and slide
Nothing says wow better than an open corner design

Helpful tips for choosing the right sliding patio door sizes

At FGC Bespoke Aluminium, we’ve lots of experience and knowledge on sliding doors, installation and working in all manner of home improvement projects. Here are some top tips.

  • Some sliding doors are glazed in the factory, others glazed at your home. Access, glass handling and getting doors to the first floor are all considerations you’ll need to work with a good installer to resolve.
  • Always visit a showroom and view products. Do not rely on online sales or deciding on a product without seeing it first.
  • Do your research and speak to expert installers of sliding doors and especially those dealing in aluminium systems. Sliding doors are not all the same.
  • Ensure your builder or architect work with your door installer for details such as open corners, flat thresholds and preparing the opening ready for a sliding door.
  • Early planning will ensure a smooth installation and project.

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