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Choosing between inline or lift and slide doors is one consideration for new sliding doors for your home. Both door types give you an excellent patio door in your home, connecting you to your garden and filling your home with light. We explain the features of lift and slide doors vs inline.

The differences between inline or lift and slide patio doors

The difference between inline or lift and slide doors for your home is how they slide and operate. Other than this, you get all the benefits of a patio door in your home. These include less visible aluminium, flush thresholds, larger glass panels and excellent security and energy efficiency.

The thermally insulated aluminium profiles you get with inline or lift and slide are the same as are the sightlines. Some models, by design, only come as inline or lift and slide.

You also get the same options with these types of sliding doors, such as the number of panels. Glass options remain the same as well as colours too. It’s all down to the operation and what works best for you.

inline or lift and slide doors explained

Inline sliding door operation

The inline sliding door is the familiar push-pull product. The bottom rails of the sliding panels come with advanced patio door rollers. Then the sides and head of your new doors sit within a frame and track.

Often with these doors the lock mechanism is separate from the cylinder and key. You unlock the door, move the locking lever and slide the doors open.

An example of one of the best inline sliding doors are our Origin OS-20 Artisan model. Not only does this have some of the thinnest sightlines on the market but also the legendary Origin product quality.

Reasons to choose lift and slide patio doors

  • Suitable for a familiar door operation
  • Often comes with more handle options than lift and slide doors
  • Comes as an slimline sliding door with minimal sightlines
  • Door sizes tend to be larger with inline doors.

How lift and slide doors work

Lift and slide doors use advanced gearing around the frame and the sliding door sash. And their operation is controlled via a multi-functional rotating door handle.

From the closed position, rotate the handle and watch the door panel lift slightly off the frame, ready to slide to the desired open position. You do still get rollers like the inline door. However, the door lifts and sits on top of them rather than being permanently set on them such as the familiar inline method.

The door then opens and moves with a smooth slide action.

Lift and slide doors have one great feature rarely found with inline and regular sliding doors. As well as moving the panel where you wish, there’s then the option to secure it in that position.

Rotate the handle back the other way, watch the door set down and it’s secured in place. At first, you may not think you’ll need this feature. After all, an open door is an open door. What you get with lift and slide is some security with partial ventilation. For instance, opening the door just a few inches and securing. This operation is especially useful in ground floor apartments as just one example.

Closing the doors is also simple. Shut the door, rotate the handle and it’s locked.

Reasons to choose lift and slide doors

  • Feels lighter in use compared to inline doors
  • Is usually quieter as it doesn’t rub on the seals and brushes surrounding the frame
  • Some people prefer the all in one contemporary handle
  • The securing of the door partially open offers an added feature
inline vs lift and slide

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