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Steel look interior doors provide a contemporary solution between your rooms. Right now it’s one of the most popular glazing products, but there are differences between the various products on the market. Here’s what to look out for when buying steel look interior doors and showcasing some of our own steel-look products providing the best solutions.

Steel-look interior doors explained

First of all, it’s worth understanding some of the essential features around these Art-Deco or Heritage steel look interior doors. They take inspiration from old steel doors such as Crittall®. Whilst they may share some of the design from this well-known steel brand, they’re not intended as a like for like replacement neither can they be. Only steel and original Crittall® products give the 100% genuine product.

Instead, the aluminium versions we sell and other brands provide a more affordable alternative. You’ll find them slightly thicker than steel, but the reason for this is simple. Steel is always slimmer and comes as a welded product. Aluminium isn’t quite as strong as steel and its construction involves mechanical joints as it can’t truly be welded like steel.

These aluminium internal doors look spectacular in any home, but they also come with some other differences compared to the genuine steel product. And it’s worth you being aware of these.

aluco steel look interior doors in a London house

Why Steel look interior doors don’t come with a fire rating

It’s often the case that internal doors need a fire rating. If your project and Building Regulations require this, then you have to go with a certified steel product. Only steel in this style presently has a fire rating. Aluminium has no fire rating and doors in this style and material don’t have it either. Do bear this in mind.

How to spot a better internal steel look door product

One thing to bear in mind with other steel styled aluminium doors marketed as internal is they are actually doors intended for exterior use. We do these too and they’re great. You can see an example of these recently fitted in Kent.

Are these doors designed as exterior doors fine to use inside the home? Absolutely. But you also get some features you don’t necessarily need.

First of all, are insulated aluminium frames. These are required for all external windows and doors and to meet current Building Regulations for U-Values and Window Energy Ratings. The reality is you don’t need thermally insulated frames inside your room.

Second, these exterior doors mostly come double glazed. Unless you want double acoustic glass in your steel look internal doors, again this is unnecessary. Interior doors should be single glazed with safety glass and ours are. Whilst double glazing provides added insulation, inside the home you’ll see the spacer bar all around the glass. This separates the two pieces of glass and it’ll always be visible. Take a look at your double glazed windows and doors elsewhere and you’ll spot it.

A third clue to spotting an exterior-grade steel styled door is the handles and the locking system. Many come with the lift up lever handle and the multi-point locking of external doors. Great for security outside, but once again a feature most interior doors don’t need. Of course, if you choose to have his option, these doors will work just as well in the home.

steel look internal doors in tunbridge wells house

Where our Aluco steel look interior doors stand out.

We are proud to be Aluco Aluminium Dealers for the Kent area. The Aluco steel inspired interior doors collection provides exactly the design you’re looking for when buying this Heritage, Industrial or even Scandi-style door type.

They come single glazed, without the thermal insulation (frames are slimmer as a result) and exactly the kind of hardware you expect to find on interior doors.

You get the choice of single or double doors as well as matching side panels. A recent installation in London shows a double door set with side panels. There are even interior sliding doors and fixed screens available. It’s correctly designed from the outset as an internal system. Here are some of its standout features.

  • Slimline frames and glazing bars giving you the right style
  • A single glazed product with many glass options, even period or contemporary designs
  • Dedicated interior door hardware with familiar door latches and proper locks when fitted in bathrooms
  • The desirable thicker lock backplate, that’s even available ‘floating’ on doors with no bars

Of course, you get all the features you’ll also need inside the home. One of the most important is no threshold to step over. You want a nice smooth transition between your rooms and a clear floor. Here, the Aluco steel look internal doors provide one of the best designs.

For the glazing bars, there’s an option of a 37mm bar in the doors with a matching bar in the side panels. There’s an even slimmer 20mm version used for side screens.

When it comes to the door handles and hardware, the options are extensive and better than you get with exterior grade doors. For instance, there are single handles on round roses, just like other internal doors. The locks feature a grip-tight so the doors don’t rattle when shut. There are even floor stops and door closers if you want those too. Because Aluco steel look interior doors are designed only for inside your home, every detail is carefully thought out, giving you a more authentic and better-styled steel look interior doors.

The matt black colour remains the most desirable, although other colours are available too.

black steel look internal doors in a period house

See our steel look interior doors and complete range at our Kent Showroom

Our brand new Kent showroom showcases our exterior and interior Aluco range as well as our own frameless version of this iconic steel look. It’s also the best place to see the visual differences between an external door in this style and the Aluco product. Contact us today to arrange a viewing.