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The steel-look door is one of the most popular home improvement projects today. These distinctive single or double doors and French doors with sidelights are popular as exterior doors out to your garden and even inside the home as stylish room dividers. Our guide on buying steel-replacement doors tells you everything you need to know and get the best look and style for your home.

Information about buying steel-replacement doors

Just like our matching steel-replacement windows we use the Smart Systems Alitherm Heritage door, one of the best looking and most credible steel-replacement doors products. Alitherm Heritage doors are perfect for exterior patio doors, balcony doors and interior doors without a fire-rating.

There is no match for the original Crittall® product, however our aluminium door alternatives come at a fraction of the cost of steel and offer similar features found on the original steel product.

  • The horizontal and vertical bars giving the multi-panel appearance
  • A deep bottom rail similar to classic metal doors
  • The familiar deep lock backplate on single and double doors
  • Authentic door hardware for an art-deco or heritage look
  • The desirable black matt powder coated finish or other suitable colour
Buying steel-replacement doors

All of our steel-replacement doors come with high quality aluminium profiles with a thermal break for insulation. You also get the same durable powder coated finish and high specification glass units. Therefore, our doors improve your home with the heritage look but with the latest aluminium, glass and product modern technology.

Some other brands are basic doors with a simple application of aluminium bars on the glass to achieve the familiar multiple panel appearance. The reality is you can do this with any aluminium residential doors, but if you want a more credible appearance there are other considerations.

The door sash profile on standard residential doors is usually thicker than the dedicated steel-look systems. Not all products offer the ‘stepped’ option for the door frame or sashes too. The deep bottom rail – essential to the right look, is also not available with every door. Therefore, while other doors may be cheaper to buy than a steel-replacement product, you may be compromising on some key aesthetics and not end up with the look you expected. Our advice is always to choose a purpose-designed door product with the correct slimline steel look.

The all-important deep backplate behind the door handle is perhaps the most recognisable feature of a classic steel door. Only the properly designed system achieves this detail and you won’t find it on regular single or double doors.

Also important in choosing the right doors is the handle options. Regular residential doors only offer the standard handle. A well-designed steel look system comes with the option of art-deco or heritage door handles. The colour is also important as black, pewter, antique finishes, even a brass look finishes off the doors perfectly.

When buying steel-replacement doors there’s also matching windows from the same Alitherm Heritage system.

Steel look French doors with sidelights

Whether you have steel-look French doors with sidelights inside or outside your home, this door configuration is perhaps the most important in achieving the right look. Ensure the rails in the doors line through with the sidelights and you have the option of the same sightlines found on the door rails also in the sidelights.

Some inferior products don’t offer a consistent aesthetic throughout the door set and the side panels can look out of place. The same should also apply if you’ve chosen to have a deep bottom rail in your doors.

buying steel-replacement doors

Interior steel-look doors

Buying steel-replacement doors for the inside of your home is also easy using the Alitherm Heritage system. You get the same options as exterior doors including

  • Doors that open in or out
  • Single doors, double doors or French doors with side panels
  • A choice of clear or obscure glass
  • Standard, low or no threshold fitted

For inside the home there’s the option to have single glass but most choose to keep double glazed units in toughened glass for improved acoustics. There’s also the choice of acid etched, sandblasted or patterned glass if you need some privacy between the rooms.

For interior doors, you also get the option of no threshold at all leaving just your finished floor and no trip hazard as you walk through the doors between your rooms. A well-designed system will come with this option and it’s recommended when used internally.

We also have frameless interior steel look doors that offer reduced sightlines and an ultra-modern look

Always check with a professional regarding any fire-door requirements. Aluminium has no fire rating and these doors are not suitable if you need 30 or 60 minutes fire protection for your interior doors.

Get the perfect steel-replacement doors from FGC Bespoke Aluminium

We make buying steel-replacement doors easy and help you configure your doors to get the perfect look in your home.

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