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When buying aluminium French doors for the home, it’s easy to assume these are only available as PVCu doors or, in aluminium as double doors only. With the latest generation of aluminium doors, you have many different ways of adding a new French door in your home with different functionality to common perceptions about this door style. In this article, we explain all the different types, configurations and options available, to help you understand buying French doors better.

Tips and advice for buying aluminium French Doors

When buying aluminium french doors, there are two significant benefits over PVCu and timber doors. The first benefit is sightlines. Compare any aluminium door to another material and the noticeable difference is how slim they are. In our range or premium aluminium doors, the Origin OB-49 product, designed as a French door is our thinnest model.

The second benefit is the door sizes. Where many PVCu doors only go up to about 900mm wide and 2100mm high, any size over this needs an added frame at the top or the side. Many aluminium doors comfortably go up to 1200mm wide and up to 2700mm high. As a result, aluminium French doors are perfect for larger door apertures. The benefit is bigger glass sizes, less visible profile and better views out to your patio or garden. And even if you have existing old doors with fixed glazing, chances are you could have fully opening doors when buying French doors in aluminium.

French doors come with all the advantages of aluminium such as a vast range of colours. You can also choose doors opening in or out. For the threshold, you’ve a choice of a standard type or a low threshold for better accessibility. Then you can customise your doors with glass options, integral blinds and your choice of colour and style to the door handles.

French doors with side panels

French doors with side panels give you a great way to add more light into your home. In the standard construction, aluminium doors come connected to the side panels again giving a substantially slimmer profile than PVCu. If you’re considering French doors with side panels, why not have a four panel bifolding door instead? We can configure your bifolds with the centre doors opening just like regular French doors.

This door design comes into its own in the summer, letting you fold the panels in each direction, fully opening up your home to your garden. And with doors opening either in or out, they’re ideal for your patio or for an upstairs room with a Juliet balcony.

Steel-look French doors

buying French doors

One of the most recent innovations in aluminium French doors is the steel look design. Desirable, on-trend and beautiful in design, steel-look French doors give you the look of classic metal doors.

With carefully applied glazing bars, deep bottom rails and even period door handles, steel-look doors give you all the benefits of an aluminium patio door in a very distinctive style.

Another great benefit of steel look doors is they work just as well inside the home as a room divider. We even design these doors for you without a threshold, giving you a seamless transition from room to room.

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