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slim sight lines
Slim 47mm door mullion
large door sizes
Up to 6.7m wide with 2 panels
low level threshold
Weather-protected threshold


Create unhindered views of your garden and your surroundings with a Dutemann Glide-S sliding door. One of the most highly-engineered and capable sliding doors on the market, Dutemann sliding door are meticulously crafted with the best features and highest specifications. These exceptional aluminium sliding doors come made in the UK by Dutemann and professionally installed by us.

Offering modern design with impressive aesthetics, thanks to their contemporary square profiles and designer door handles. So whether you want one of the best brands in your home for a standard size door, or have a project with more demanding design and performance requirements, talk to us today about why a Dutemann door provides everything you want from your new patio doors.

Technology & Design

The technology behind a Dutemann Glide-S sliding door gives you a patio door designed using the minimal amount of door mullions.  This is why these doors come capable of an incredible 6.7m wide with just two sliding panels.  And if you want to go even bolder, heights of up to 3.2m make this door perfect for your Grand Design styled project.

The latest aluminium extrusion design, beautiful and durable surface finish with the highest quality and specification sliding door components create a door capable of up to 400kg per panel. Such is the engineering and performance behind this ideal patio door for your new extension or property renovation.



Dutemann Glide-S sliding door in a new home

Product Details

Perfect for replacing your old patio doors or creating a super-sized sliding wall, a Dutemann Glide-S sliding door transforms your dining room, kitchen or living space into a light-filled space. It also enhances your home with one of the most visually appealing patio doors.

  • A unique lift and slide system making even the heaviest sliding panels effortless to open.
  • Outstanding weather protection thanks to a ‘closed’ sealing system resting tightly over the seals and gaskets.
  • Available with the sought-after low threshold for a seamless transition to the outside with effective drainage and protection.
  • Incredible product flexibility with up to 6.7m wide in just two panels.
  • Available with double or triple glazing.
  • Luxury door handles operating the highly secure locking system.

Dutemann Glide-S sliding door with window above


Personalise your doors with any of the 200 or more RAL colours.  All come guaranteed for long service life thanks to their application in a controlled environment.

Or you can go even more modern with metallic finishes, and the super-durable anodised finish.  Every one of our colours protects the beautiful external and internal surfaces.  There are even super-durable colours for houses in Kent or Sussex coastal locations for extra peace of mind.

Handles come in a choice of brushed stainless steel, silver, black or white.

Further personalisation comes in how you configure your doors with single, double or triple tracks and two, three or four sliding panels.

Security & Performance

Your new Dutemann Glide-S sliding door comes designed for elegance, high performance and excellent security.

As standard you get the innovative lift and slide system, operating sophisticated door gearing and the multi-point locking system.  You also get a high security cylinder to lock your new sliding doors.

These doors come tested to the latest European and British Standards for weather protection and also meet the requirements of current Building Regulations for thermal performance.

You’ll also get some of the best manufacturing quality thanks to ISO-certified production.

black Dutemann Glide-S sliding door

Product Features


The innovative lift and slide system is what makes your new Dutemann Glide-S sliding patio door effortless to use every day. Rotate the handle and watch the door panel raise, ready to slide to your desired position.

Lift and slide technology also comes with another benefit. Simply rotate your handle in reverse, and you can secure your door in the partially open position. Perfect for letting your children play around the doors without opening them, or leaving a gap for ventilation and for your pets to go in and out.

Every component in these advanced sliding doors ensure years of reliability and enjoyment. This is why they come with a 10-year guarantee too.


To get the best out of your new Dutemann patio door, you need the finest glass. As standard you get toughened safety glass, having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill. 

We offer enhanced security and comfort with laminated, acoustic and solar control glass. Every substantial and secure glass panel in your new doors enhances interior comfort while protecting your home and possessions. You benefit from the high quality glass giving you spectacular views, flooding your home with light too.

Dutemann Glide-S sliding door


Coated with a minimum of 60 microns, your beautiful and tactile surface finishes do more than just look great. They also protect the surface of the aluminium.

The aluminium profiles in your new sliding doors only need routine cleaning with a mild soapy solution. If your home is in a coastal location, there are enhanced surfaces with extended guarantees.

Our powder-coated, textured or anodised finishes come professionally applied by certified applicators using only the finest quality powders and strictly controlled processes. You benefit from an endless choice of colours and long-term protection for your investment.

colours available with Dutemänn FD85 Bifolding Doors

Energy Efficiency

Your new Dutemann sliding doors come with sophisticated profile insulation with multiple chambers having polyamide and polythene insulation. These insulated aluminium profiles work in harmony with our low U-Value glass for enhanced energy efficiency.

Subject to the glass you choose, your new doors meet current Building Regulations for thermal performance and offer U-values down to 1.3w/m2.K. You also get outstanding air, wind and water protection.

black Dutemann Glide-S sliding door

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