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Minimalist Appearance


Contemporary all aluminium flat rooflights and skylights with a near frameless appearance, outstanding quality and aesthetic appeal. Create a bright and airy space incorporating a new rooflight into your room for an outstanding final result to your renovation project.

Our made-to-order glazed skylights and flat rooflights work in an existing or new roof as well as on a floor.  Suitable for flat or pitched areas, they come with triple glazing as standard, excellent weather performance and glass security.  Best of all, our Roof Maker range complements your new windows, bifolding or sliding doors perfectly, creating a beautiful light-filled room.

Technology & Design

The pioneering design of our flat roof lights provides you with a near frameless appearance viewed from the inside with a slimline profile on the outside.  As well as this, they come designed with a decorative ceramic border on most models.  This helps to reduce the amount of water pooling on the edges of the roof light outside and reduces UV damage.  Every roof light is suitable for a wide range of applications, our roof lights come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours. Your home benefits from one of the most advanced rooflight products on the market today.

Using insulated slimline aluminium profiles, and with triple glazing as standard, you benefit from the best thermal insulation and excellent acoustic properties.  Best of all, the all aluminium construction makes these strong, long-lasting and lightweight.

We use marine grade powder coating treatments providing easy cleaning, long service life and built to withstand harsh winter weather and sunlight in the summer.

Easy clean glass comes with all our rooflights, helping keep the glass cleaner for longer and making cleaning easier and faster.

The whole design of the rooflights is designed for fast and easy installation with minimal disruption.

flat rooflights in a new extension

Product Details

British designed and expertly crafted.  Our rooflights come with a 20 year warranty on the sealed unit and with triple glazing as standard.  With deep seals, our rooflights also have a 30 year life expectancy.  Above all, they’re contemporary, stylish and add a beautiful feature in your home.

  • Skylights and rooflight sizes up to 3 metres long and 1m wide suitable for most homes.
  • Available in black grey or white standard colours matching your windows and doors.
  • Choose double or triple glazed depending on the performance or shade you want.
  • Fully weather resistant and designed for all seasons.
  • Suitable for flat roofs between five and fifteen degree pitches.
  • Features high quality continuous seals for durability.

double flat rooflights in sloping roof


In addition to the standard colours available, we offer special order colours from the full RAL colour range.

Five different glass options provide extensive options for energy efficiency, solar control and security. Choose from standard insulated double glazed units or four triple glazed options. Solar glass provides enhanced sun protection. Acoustic glass offers better sound protection using laminated glass inner panes. Security glass is a full laminated glass unit or the Passivhaus high specification glass unit with U-Values down to an outstanding 0.2Wm2K. Every one of these glass options comes with the option of blue or grey tint or privacy glass.

For added ventilation there is an option to incorporate manual or automatic vents. Or improve your privacy with the choice of manual or automatic blackout blinds.

Adding a run of rooflights creating a large glazed feature roof is also possible thanks to the modular nature of the product.

flat rooflights above sliding doors

Security & Performance

  • The design and engineering of the roof light seals the glass unit, preventing removal from the outside.
  • Double glazed U-Value of 1.2Wm2K
  • Triple glazed U-Value of 0.6Wm2K
  • Acoustic performance as low as -44
  • Edgetech warm-edge spacer bar for better glass performance and conductivity.
  • 20-year paint warranty on our flat rooflights range.
  • 10-year aluminium warranty, subject to the colour chosen.

Product Features


Our rooflights come with a sophisticated mechanical jointed construction with durable corners and designed for all types of weather. Even better is the clever design and all-aluminium construction with some rooflights fitted in 30 minutes or less.

The components and design let this rooflight fit with a weathered or flashed installation using your choice of roof membrane or conventional roof flashing. Design and hardware features of our flat roof lights include dedicated drip overhangs deflecting rainwater away. Dedicated areas within the profiles provide a suitable location for the full silicone sealing.

Other hardware and design features provide only one jointed corner to the rooflight seal and a secondary seal sitting 80% deeper than other rooflights.

You benefit from a highly engineered and made-to-order flat rooflights product making it easy for your builder to create a suitable opening and speeding up installation for you thanks to its intelligent design.

opening flat rooflights beside Origin single doors


The easy-clean glass provided with our flat rooflights comes as a triple glazed unit fitting neatly within the light and strong all aluminium construction. The decorative ceramic border around the glass units provides protection to the rooflight edges with enhanced UV and weather protection.

All our glass comes with a high quality construction designed to withstand the flat exposed nature of your new rooflight. Even better is the 20-year warranty available with most glass options. Even the structural adhesive used on the glass units withstands temperatures between -50 degrees Centigrade up to 100 degrees centigrade. And it comes with a 30-year life expectancy.

When you enhance your home with one of our rooflights, you have absolute peace of mind that our rooflights come with the best engineering with superior glass and sealing technology.

flat rooflights in wood colour


The marine-grade powder coating in your choice of colour is the same used on aluminium installations in coastal, swimming pool and other severe environments. Therefore your new rooflights come with a powder-coated finish, thicker and more durable than conventional windows and doors.

Standard frame colours of Anthracite Grey or Jet Black are the most popular but we offer special RAL colours with the same durable powder coated finish.

colours available with Dutemänn FD85 Bifolding Doors

Energy Efficiency

Triple glazed as standard, achieving Ug-values as low as 0.6w/ m2k. Double glazing achievable in limited sizes.
In addition to the high specification glass, the energy efficiency comes thanks to full insulation in the aluminium profile chambers and glass units having the advanced, Edgetech Warm Edge Spacer Bar.

As a result, the heat loss through your rooflight is kept to the bare minimum. And with 80% of the energy loss occurring at the edge of glass units, this spacer bar is 950 times less conductive than a metal spacer.

Your new rooflights perform faultlessly, blocking heat loss and reducing energy costs. Therefore you get to save money on your energy bills and enjoy a more comfortable living space.

Some of the images on our website are indicative images illustrating how products may look. Please contact us for full product details and specifications.

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